Welcome to the Wayward Admin,

Where I summarize my experiences as a budding technologist.
The name is after A. J. Liebling’s Wayward press. The domain is so no one has myname.com on the internets. As you’ve probably realized by now, this is a personal website. It does not reflect the opinion of the people or organizations I work with but might reflect work I do there.

There are three sections on this website, for now:

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A bit more about me and about this website. You can also find out how to get in touch with me and even ask me a question or two. I’m not really as angry as I look in the picture; I just like coffee, that’s all.


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Opinions, ideas, and the things in between. I try to keep purely technical procedures in SSTech, but sometimes I get carried away. Who am I kidding? I always get carried away. Be warned, rambling ahead.


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This is my Wiki, the latest addition to my online publishing tool assortment. Inside, the more technical procedures and scripts learned on my IT quest. SSTech is built upon the wonderful TiddlyWiki.