Revolt (2017) – Review

This weekend, I felt like watching a simple, brainless sci-fi-ish movie with post-apocalyptic vibes. I landed on Revolt (2017). It didn’t didn’tdisappoint by being disasspointing.

In a Nutshell:

Aliens invade earth. Kill all. Man survives somehow. wakes up in jail, fights way out. Finds woman sidekick. They kick ass (the man more so, because of course). — Spoiler censored — . Man kills aliens. Happy-ish ending.

The Good

  • Simple and easy to enjoy. Don’t come in expecting much, don’t leave disappointed.
  • The woman is a sidekick, but she still kicks ass. Maybe we’re making progress if “I’m a man, hear me roar” movies like these have the woman actually killing bad guys.

The Bad

  • Rambo Syndrome: Man can shoot 3 – 4 people in a second, even though they all have guns aimed at him. Leaves without a scratch. The only time he gets injured is when he falls at some point. Oh ok, and the alien got him. Once. Because otherwise we won’t have a story.
  • I said man because the woman is just, you know, a regular soldier who actually gets hurt (and almost raped) defending herself. But she’s a medic, so that’s OK. So while she doesn’t really need saving, she’s still just a “perk” for our soldier boy who could take everyone single-hand but needs to have some human romantic side and protect the woman.
  • Go Army! – This movie has US army propaganda written all over it. The solider is an American, so of course he kicks ass, of course he can speak three different African dialects, of course he’s all about going back to his base and save his friends while being a gentleman toward the woman.


If you’re OK watching a glorified US army commercial with a flat plot and cheezy old-fashioned ideas about gender roles, you’ll be just fine. Or, if you just like to get angry at such things by stupid movies (I fall into this category sometimes) that’s fine too. Just don’t come here expecting something good and you’ll be just fine.

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