Last night I got to watch Gantz:O. It was a Netflix recommendation which popped up both in the Sci-Fi Horror and Adult Animation categories (thanks, Netflixcodes!). Here are some of my thoughts about it.


  • Great Animation. No really, if you’re a fan of animated films, take a look at these computer-generated models… It took me almost 30 seconds to finally decide that the actors are animated (OK, and the “adult animation” category also helped). I paused the movie a couple of times just to glance at the screen and appreciate the details. Check some of these awesome images for size.
  • Animation from a technical point of view aside, the richness of the monsters was another serious entertainment factor. With a nod (ok, more like a very much emphasized, enthusiastic, repeated nod) toward Japanese traditional lore, many of the creatures are very imaginative and interesting to behold, each one moves and attacks in different ways. Given, the movie is based on a comic, so I guess I can’t give it too much credit… but the execution of these… delicious.
  • Overall, this is the kind of movie you enjoy watching. It’s not too deep (actually, not too deep at all, that’s coming up below), doesn’t require much brain power, and is just fun to watch late at night with some snacks.


  • “Because I’m a man, and I have to do what a man has to do.” This theme is projecting so powerfully from the movie, my eyes started hurting from rolling. The main character is a man who needs to save two women (one is not enough), and he totally kicks ass even though he is totally inexperienced and has no idea what he’s doing.
  • This movie should also come with a”this movie is aimed at teenage video gamers” warning sign. The two women in the movie are shown off in tight rubber suits with their breasts jiggling and their hips swaying. The guns and aiming system is heavily influenced by video gaming, as well as the scoring systems and the value of life (fuck the people who die, the score is all that matters). Oh yeah, the entire movie theme revolves around a game. That’s the point. Chances are that if you’re not into video games, at least somewhat, and you’re older than 20, you might get bored/annoyed fast. Me… I guess I was just impressed with said animations.
  • “That’s not a plot hole, he’s the one!” Eyeroll. Yawn. Kei, the main guy, is scared shitless when he’s thrown into the middle of everything at the beginning of the movie. Somehow though he is able to handle himself just as well, and soon better, than everyone else. According to the time that passes in the movie (and in real life), he turns from a scared kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing to a master fighter in about an hour. Not only that, guns that do jack shit to monsters in the hands of other characters seem to work for him. He also has this annoying “the chosen one” luck of having his ass saved repeatedly (while others die) and being spared by the evil boss when there’s no reason for him to be spared – just so he can finish off said boss later.


This movie is not meant to impress with a good plot. As long as you come with low expectation, and just the will to kill some time with good flashy action, this movie is actually quite good. I won’t watch it again any time soon, but I could recommend it to someone who likes anime and action.. just don’t take it too seriously.



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