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Export Org to Microsoft World

When I write, I live in Emacs (with the awesome Solorized theme) inside Org-Mode. With time, I found that Org has already made me a more efficient writer and note taker. I write notes in every meeting now, rather it’s my “turn” or not. I write notes as I work, about every solution and every …

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About Needing to Slow Down

Yesterday I had more issues with syncing back home. Whenever this happens, it ruins my workflow since my “OhSnap” folder (my “inbox” it GTD terms) is disconnected from my work computer. I managed to fix things toward noon and get my SSH server up and going (and therefore, TRAMP), but that only fixed half the …

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Second Week With Emacs – What Happened?

As I was writing about my second week in Emacs last weekend (has it really been this long?) I reached a familiar stop. It was when I reached a conflict with something at work. In retro-respect, it was nothing too serious. most of the “stuck” happened in my mind. Like probably many others, I do …