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Export Org to Microsoft World

When I write, I live in Emacs (with the awesome Solorized theme) inside Org-Mode. With time, I found that Org has already made me a more efficient writer and note taker. I write notes in every meeting now, rather it’s my “turn” or not. I write notes as I work, about every solution and every …


Not Every Post Needs to be a Masterpiece

There is no need for a personal blog to always have edited content which I prepared for weeks. Sometimes I just want to say something. I can’t always have a perfect topic, a perfect plan with a schedule, and high-quality editing. These things sure help, but more often then not they slow me down.   …

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Taking Work (Notes) Personally

Yesterday I started to copy the most complex wiki project category at my job into my private wiki. Computer imaging and setup. It wasn’t easy to convince myself to do it. I opened MojoTwo (My Wiki’s name) twice and closed it. Reading in my journal helped. I decided that at the very least, there’s no …