The Return of TiddlyWiki

“The most important thing that got me back to TiddlyWiki is that it was completely mine. Eventually, the search for privacy in a world full of cloud apps became the core, the soil on which my wiki blossomed. I have never kept such a detailed, rich, and satisfying journal in my entire life.”

When I wanted to try OneNote instead of my private wiki, I was hesitant. I didn’t want to give up such an important chunk of my privacy. When the itch to switch back started poking at me, I told myself the same story. Privacy. After all, no one in Microsoft has business seeing my most personal notes. As it turned out, there was more to it than the sheer unease of the cloud. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the most important thing that got me back to TiddlyWiki is that it was completely mine.

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Google’s Pixilated Vision

“The Pixel 2 is meant to be useful, not pretty. It’s everything Google: from Google’s strategy in doing things to the marketing to how Google services work and how customers use Google. Instead of imitating Apple yet again, Google could have triumphed in its own game: usability and price.”

Google Dog and the Apple Balancing Act (Credit: Megan Victoria Crehan)
Let me be clear. The Pixel 2 is a great phone. It is the first phone I ever pre-ordered. As soon as I watched the keynote, I knew that was it: I found my phone for the next two years. There were jaw drops, there was drool, and there a wink to me as a Project Fi costumer.

Despite all of that, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. The Pixel 2 is definitely good enough to keep me happy for a long time, but there’s this “it’s almost perfect!” thorn at my side. I have two “but why, Google?” questions that I can’t put to rest, and even though both topics were discussed to death, I still don’t buy it. Here you go:

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