Author: Josh Rollins


Revolt (2017) – Review

This weekend, I felt like watching a simple, brainless sci-fi-ish movie with post-apocalyptic vibes. I landed on Revolt (2017). It didn’t didn’tdisappoint by being disasspointing. In a Nutshell: Aliens invade earth. Kill all. Man survives somehow. wakes up in jail, fights way out. Finds woman sidekick. They kick ass (the man more so, because of …


Not Every Post Needs to be a Masterpiece

There is no need for a personal blog to always have edited content which I prepared for weeks. Sometimes I just want to say something. I can’t always have a perfect topic, a perfect plan with a schedule, and high-quality editing. These things sure help, but more often then not they slow me down.   …

MojoTwo, Writing

Taking Work (Notes) Personally

Yesterday I started to copy the most complex wiki project category at my job into my private wiki. Computer imaging and setup. It wasn’t easy to convince myself to do it. I opened MojoTwo (My Wiki’s name) twice and closed it. Reading in my journal helped. I decided that at the very least, there’s no …


The Return of TiddlyWiki

“The most important thing that got me back to TiddlyWiki is that it was completely mine. Eventually, the search for privacy in a world full of cloud apps became the core, the soil on which my wiki blossomed. I have never kept such a detailed, rich, and satisfying journal in my entire life.”

Linux, Mind, WorkMac

Elementary OS And The Importance of Not Asking Why.

Two weeks ago I tried Elementry OS on my Mac at work. Elementy OS is an Ubuntu (thus, Debian-based) Linux distro Operating System, which doesn’t make it unique. What does make it unique though, is its approach to simplistic, polished design. It seems like the guys behind this project have built an operating system inspired by Apple’s Mac OS. Elementary OS was not going to make my work easier or more …