About News and Soapboxes

I know I’m becoming more of an old fart because I can’t stand news
anymore. Particularly news on my phone. I don’t have cable TV, but I’m
sure it’s the same crap there as well.

I’m not sure when I stopped reading the New York Times briefs, but I’m
pretty sure it was a couple of months after Trump became the
president. In a way, everything else became mute afterward,
as if a loud fire truck passed me by and my ears are still

It’s not just news about Trump though, even though it seems the man
routinely occupies half of my news feed, no matter how I filter
it. It’s everything else as well. Everyone seems to be so whiny, every
fart in the wind becomes days-long obsessions.

Google has a new news app and with it, I get full coverage of whatever
main story I don’t care about. Google seems to pretty accurate with
its other predictions about me, so I checked without logging in. Sure
enough, the same stories show regardless: Trump and Russia. Colbert
wants to know about… Trump and Russia. Putin news. Oh, look, Amazon
Prime day and people whining saying how it’s not what it used to be
(was it ever anything good?) and that’s it, the rest of the articles
are on repeat for the next half a page (this is where I can insert an
old-man joke: “back in my day, we called this above the fold..!)

If this sounds like a general Trump rant, that’s part of the point I’m
afraid. He’s everywhere. And it’s not that I can’t stand the guy
(if that’s not obvious by now), it’s that I can’t escape news
thanks. Don’t care. There was a time when I look into the daily
briefing by the times, and I got quick bullet points of different
things. Not today. It’s a repeat loop.

So what do I read? Here’s a look at my Pocket feed:

  1. An Introduction to Static Sites Generators
  2. Vintage NYC Photography: C.K.G. Biullings'[sic] Mansion in Fort Tryon Park
  3. “Who here actually likes Emacs-the-editor (as opposed to Emacs-the-LispM), and why? – (this one is a Reddit post)
  4. Who owns the space under cities? The attempt to map the earth beneath us
  5. How to take your PC audio experience to 11

I admit none of this is “news.” So what? I’m sure there
is news happening in these areas all the time.

Not that I’m against reading news that other people consider
important. This is the only way to step out of the echo chamber and
listen to what’s going on. But it doesn’t feel that’s happening
anymore. It’s like the main news outlet gave up just like I did.

I’m wondering how do other people that feel like me read the news? How
do they do it? Do they, or did everyone give up? How long must
we sing this song?

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