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Second Week With Emacs – What Happened?

As I was writing about my second week in Emacs last weekend (has it
really been this long?) I reached a familiar stop. It was when I
reached a conflict with something at work. In retro-respect, it was
nothing too serious. most of the “stuck” happened in my mind.

Like probably many others, I do my share of venting about work
situations. There are many ridiculous, absurd situations, as there are
in any other large company. I’m a strong believer that humor, and
sarcasm to a degree, are important in any workplace. If you don’t learn
to laugh and shrug off some of the bull, well, you’re going to sink
under the pile of shit, right?

When I blog, I try to steer away from such events since they’re
usually not important, and/or readable outside of my immediate work
environment. Sometimes though, one of those conflicts is an important part of something I’m already discussing publicly. Take Emacs, for example, and how I use it. This was supposed to be the topic of my second week summary.

For now, I’m still not sure how to resolve these situations. On one
hand, I don’t want to ignore what I want to say, because it’s
important to the general discussion. On the other, I don’t want to
cause conflict.

By the way, this raises a point about my pseudonym usage. In the past,
my personal life would be considered controversial in my work
environment and my (then) career path. It was the main reason to start
using an alias. Some social environments I was part of at the time
behooved people to use pseudonyms for protection and sometimes

Since then a few changes in my career path, the general level of
acceptance in society in large and my own lifestyle contributed to me
not hiding as much as using the alias as a source of inspiration and a
level of habit. This is a privilege I realize I gained over time –
many others still do not have this privilege. I hope they do one day.

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