Captain’s Log, 20180515.2332

I should probably be in bed at this point. But I’m sure as shit there were a lot of things I wanted to write down – I just got distracted by Battletech which I was obsessed with Saturday and Sunday (I must have put 6 or 8 hours into this game).

After I checked my Wiki this morning, and after thinking about it again this weekend, realized that it’s good shit (duh) and that I should probably read in it as much as I write in it. The purpose of the wiki was (and is) to retain information so I can retrieve it again as needed. The journal is a place which is flexible and is available anywhere, anytime, to write my thoughts down. I shouldn’t think about it. Ideally, my journal will be a constant mind dump of everything I’m thinking about, and the wiki is its bigger brother, more mature and calculative and will tell me what I was thinking about and how it was done it months (and years) from now.

As such, if you take this philosophy to heart, the journal (whatever the concept “journal” is, a folder with files, just the journal file itself, the folder with the files plus Google Keep for quick thoughts… these all can be covered under “journal.”) is immediate and always available.

I was thinking about having a USB flash drive again vs Syncthing too. Syncthing is pretty good, but has its issues syncing here and there. The USB is encrypted, which makes it a bit of a hassle to open where I use it (unless I use a portable app, problem solved?), and of course I run the risk of losing it or the USB flash-drive gets damaged.

But I think I just realized what the solution is: if I run my own Linux form a USB (with consistency) it means I can have syncthing on it, and that’s the ultimate thing: when I use it, it connects and syncs automatically withing moments, when I don’t, I don’t.

Edit: um, not really, because I have to boot the other machine to work from USB and that kind of defeats the purpose of multitasking quickly.

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